About Us

Where It All Began

Adspace Player is a free AD network for various types of products.

After putting in countless hours and effort into product and service development, we quickly realized it’s almost impossible to compete with big corporations. Eager spirit is not enough when competition is spending tons of money advertising across every social media channel and ranking high on all search engines.

We began to look back at the days of Myspace and how easy it was for musicians, creators and small businesses to share and promote their work. It was simple, cost-efficient and most importantly – it worked!

With that in mind, we reverse-engineered video and texting advertising system to do just that – help eager artists, inventors and entrepreneurs kickstart their journey towards success (without the steep costs of modern advertising)!

AdSpace Player is a Free Advertising Network for Everyone

Advertising system integrates into your daily life, allowing you to freely share and promote your brand, business or product for free (premium features are available for a reasonable fee).

Creating attractive content and great products are challenges on their own. Once the content and products are done, who has the money to hire a marketing or press release agency to get the public’s attention? We designed AdSpace Player to help young artists, unfairly neglected creators and small business grow big, in easy and cost-efficient way.

We help you reach loyal fans and paying customers, while keeping the pricing fair and affordable. Even the free promotion features have the potential to set you on a smooth path towards success. Create attractive content, upload it on AdSpace player and share it with your friends and network. Yes, it’s that simple!